The Wonderland Circus

The Swing Latino dance & fitness studio presents the dance show “The Wonderland Circus”. Explore the magic world of circus through of dance, music and theatre. The show is dedicated to our forgotten childhood and our lost imagination. Join us into a dreaming dance trip: “The Wonderland Circus” promises to paint smiles on our faces and make our hearts overflow with pure and true joy.

Plot: Year 1963. The Zazel and her circus group travel all over the world with an air-balloon, aiming to grow their company and bring back the forgotten charm and the world back to the circus. How much diversity can be in a circus? Will Zazel be able to win the bet, facing all the obstacles? A wonderful story that celebrates multiculturalism and acceptance. But above all, pursue to do not give up and chase our dreams!

Producer: Koula Herodotou
General Coordination: Koula Herodotou & Dimitra Glyky
Director: Dimitra Glyky
Writer: Theodoros Sourmelis
Set Designers: Elena Kotasvili & Alexis Vayianos
Media Production: CINETOPIA Films